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The strength of Feni tamed with Oak

Feni is a double distilled liquor prepared from cashew apples exclusively in Goa. The word Feni is derived from the Konkani word “fenn” which means “froth” thought to come from the bubbles that form when the liquor is poured in a glass. The production of Feni is sill largely unorganized and most village households produce it in their backyards. This small batch production results in subtle variations in the final product.

The Feni Project sources its base Feni from villages in the Sattari area which is considered the Feni capital of Goa. The Feni Project is aging this traditionally made Feni in Oak barrels. We find the strength of Feni tamed with oak a great new way to drink this traditional hand crafted liquor.

We invite you to try our barrel aged Feni and find “Susegado” the quiet life and joie de vivre of Goa.

Batch Number 002


Batch Number 001



Sattari displays a rich and deep amber color, reminiscent of fine scotch whiskies. The hue is warm and inviting, indicating the influence of fresh oak barrels during maturation.


The distinctive aroma of artisnal cashew feni greets the senses, with its fruity and nutty notes. However, there is an elegant twist of oak that adds a refined and sophisticated element to the bouquet. The American oak influence is subtly present, offering hints of coconut, vanilla and a gentle waft of tobacco, providing a delightful balance to the cashew character.


The first sip reveals the familiar flavors of cashew feni, where the sweet and slightly tangy notes of the cashew fruit shine through. However, the aging process in American oak and multi-used barrels has imparted a new dimension to the spirit.

The oak brings forth a velvety smoothness, adding layers of complexity to the palate. There is a gentle interplay between the inherent earthiness of feni and the subtle, woody undertones from the oak and multi-used barrels, creating a harmonious fusion of flavors.


The finish is long and satisfying, with the lingering taste of artisnal cashew feni combined with the gentle warmth of the American oak and barrel influences. The flavors seamlessly intertwine, leaving a delightful and memorable aftertaste. The oak imparts a refined dryness that balances the natural sweetness of feni, making it an excellent choice for sipping on its own or in spirit-forward cocktails.


While feni is traditionally enjoyed as an afternoon drink, this aged American oak and multi-used barrel variant opens up new possibilities for evening indulgence.

To fully appreciate its intricate flavors, it can be enjoyed on ice, allowing the character to develop slowly and revealing different nuances with each sip. It also serves as an excellent base for spirit- forward cocktails, adding depth and sophistication to classic recipes.

Overall, Sattari offers a unique and elevated experience for connoisseurs. It retains the essence of cashew feni while introducing refined and subtle notes from the American oak and multi-used barrels. This fusion of flavors makes it a versatile and enjoyable spirit for both relaxed sipping and creating sophisticated cocktails.