Our Journey

Karun's journey with Goa and its liquor scene is a captivating tale that takes us from a casual visitor to a passionate connoisseur. Back in 1988, like many from Bombay, Karun's knowledge of Goa was limited to the famous Taj Aguada. Karun and his friends would embark on a spirited exploration of all the drinks Goa had to offer on each visit. They indulged to their heart's content, sometimes even to excess, only to vow never to repeat such indulgence again.

Fast forward to 1998 when Karun established his tyre re-treading factory in Goa. It was then that the veil started lifting, revealing the true essence of Goa. Its beach shacks, churches, and temples became part of his everyday life, allowing him to uncover the hidden treasures of this coastal paradise. In this newfound appreciation, Karun discovered Urak and Feni, gradually grasping the nuances and subtleties of these local spirits.

The year 2006 marked a significant milestone as Karun built his own house in Goa, cementing his status as a regular visitor. He sought out the humble thali restaurants tucked away from the tourist hotspots, relishing in the authentic local cuisine. With each visit, Karun felt an increasing sense of belonging, as if Goa had embraced him as one of its own.

When the global pandemic hit and travel restrictions lifted, Karun and Vasundhara, accompanied by their dogs, embarked on a journey to Goa. Little did they know that this stay would extend to the better part of two years. It was during this period that Karun witnessed the emergence of new gins and whiskeys in Goa and took the opportunity to explore the distilleries first-hand. A visit to Paul John Whiskey's distillery shed light on the magic of barrel aging, transforming a harsh spirit into a smooth elixir.

Inspired by this revelation, Karun delved into the mysteries of Feni aging. Curiosity fuelled his quest for answers, but no clear explanation was readily available. Until one day, a friend shared a sample of oak barrel-aged Feni, leaving Karun amazed by its smoothness. Determined to pursue this new venture, he sought advice on which barrels to use and how long to age the Feni. Despite encountering a lack of knowledge, Karun's passion remained unwavering, and he decided to forge ahead on his own.

Licenses obtained, space rented, Feni procured from various villages, barrels of different oak types acquired—Karun's dream was taking shape. Each barrel bestowed its distinct flavour and hue upon the Feni, transforming it into a work of art. The exhilarating part began as they tasted the Feni regularly, seeking input from friends, yet finding no consensus on the best blend. Undeterred, Karun sought a master blender to lend their expertise to the endeavour but discovered that even the experts were uncertain.

Through trial, error, and a relentless pursuit of perfection, Karun and his team are overjoyed to present their inaugural creation, Sattari. This labour of love, borne from a tapestry of experiences, is a testament to Karun's unwavering dedication to capturing the true spirit of Goa in every sip. Sattari stands as a tribute to the remarkable journey that began with a quest for knowledge and ended with the creation of a truly remarkable Feni.